Jun 11 2012


Here’s a logo I did for a buddy’s bowling team. It was a bit out of my comfort zone, but was a fun challenge. Really happy with the way it came out, I just hope it looks good printed on their bowling shirts! Fingers crossed.


Apr 26 2012

Black Widow Hunt

Counted 11 black widows this evening, 10 of which were just around the front porch!! Gonna be a busy summer…


Nov 27 2011

Recent work

Here is a 30 second commercial I did with my buddy Ben Pocari at IBC Digital.   Total production from receiving boards to delivery was about 10 days which included me importing the ad agency’s illustrator files into flash, cleaning up and revising the female design,  animating and compositing.  Despite the insanely short turnaround, I think it turned out pretty good.


May 15 2011

A Birthday Card for Lynn


Apr 19 2010

Updates coming soon

Will be updating my reel, and some recent works soon, so please check back…


Mar 10 2010

Life Drawing

Been about 5 years since I last did any life drawing from models, but I’m going to work hard to change that and make more of an effort to keep up with it, as well as keeping a sketchbook. Here is the product of the last 2 weeks courtesy of the ASIFA East drawing sessions, in no particular order. The only editing I did was to separate some of them and make separate jpgs….other than that I included the “good,” the bad and the ugly….Got lots of work to do..


Jun 29 2009

Still alive

Here are a few designs from a recent freelance project that I was pretty happy with. As I’ve said before, I do not consider myself a character designer, but I do like to try and make myself better. My most common goal I try to achieve when making up new characters, is to try and not make my character’s look like me. Fortunately, these were pretty successful in that, or at least I think so….at least apart from the bellies maybe…

Here are some of the initial options…

And here are the final characters, all variations of Number 2…
Final Designs1

Hopefully I will be able to post the animation I did with these characters soon….


Apr 8 2009

Updated Reel

Updated my reel with the most recent work I am allowed to post at this time. Enjoy!


Dec 30 2008

Commuting Sketches

Finally had some time to put together these sketches from my commute to Brooklyn.

First: One of the bus drivers I see in the morning, who sports an awesome mullet, and is probably one of this nicest transit workers in NY.  Always says “Good morning,” and “Have a nice day,”  even on the ugliest of days.  So here’s to you Bus Driver Lady…

Second:  I saw this guy on the subway the other day, and I am sad to say that this is no exaggeration.  (except for the socks and shoes which I didn’t get a good view of, although I am sure they were equally as flamboyant.)  I dunno whether the coat was fur or not, but he looked like he stepped right out of P. Diddy Video….all 90lbs of him.


Dec 24 2008

Merry Christmas…take 2