Not so recent work…

1. Animated Clips for an upcoming documentary.
These are some clips from both the title sequence and various segments within the film about an Australian businessman who was once very sick, but got better by going on a juice diet. The documentary was made after, as part of a cross country US tour where he talked about his personal struggle and interviews others who are similar circumstances as he once was.
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6

2. Between the Lions Shorts

Directed and animated each of these 3 shorts for PBS’s Between the Lions while at Dancing Diablo. Dream Carver, done in AE, is a children’s book that was adapted to the short which required very little “story” direction since we animated the pages from the book, but I was responsible for establishing the look and timing of the short. The 2 Emperor shorts (Flash and AE) were scripts given to us by PBS.

I did the animatics and animation for all three.

Dream Carver

Emperor’s New Clothes

Emperor’s Hungry Coat

3. Spike and Bubbles

A Dancing Diablo original short for Sesame Street. I was responsible for the Animation Direction.

4. This Lil Piggy

This is the short I did for the Dept of Health in Albany. Was given the script, the (poor) VO, and the song choice, and then designed, boarded, and animated the entire thing in two weeks using Toon Boom’s Animate for the first time on an actual production.

5. Interstitials for Boards Summit

Not much to these but thought I’d share them anyways. Did these while at Dancing Diablo, for use at the Boards Summit last year.

Devil Dance 01

Devil Dance 03

6. 60 sec spot for America’s Health Products.

Produced, co-directed and animated this as freelance for IBC Digital


7. Huggies Spots

Produced and directed the animation for both spots with IBC Digital and Frank Drucker.

Huggies Music Video

Huggies Narrative